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Top 10 Most Beautiful Moms In The World

1 : We are in the streets of Pushkar, Rajasthan, one of the most beautiful areas of India where I return again and again. I’m walking around town with my camera. The streets are still deserted, like imprints of a delicious mystery that I savor every second. It is seven o’clock, one of my favorite moments, wherever I am, to watch people and life regain its rights after the lull of the night. I ask myself a few moments in front of a magnificent house. A mother goes out with her child. His flamboyant outfit slices in the calm of this early morning. The magic is total. (Pushkar, India – 2008)

2 : We are in the middle of the bush, in the south of Ethiopia, in a camp of the hamer people. All the women are gathered in the shade under a straw roof. The men are sitting a little further. We are welcomed by a group of women in the most natural way. It’s been a while since I watch a mother play with her son. She makes him jump on his lap, strokes his face, makes it pass into the hands of other women before taking jealously in his arms. Suddenly she leans over him and kisses her three times. Briefly. Firmly. Time has stopped. (Turmi, Ethiopia – 2011)

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