Hilarious Photos Of Cats Doing What Cats Do Best: Trolling People

Under Attack
How good is this? The Reddit user who shared this photo wrote that they’d just went out and purchased Halloween decorations that included two fake black cats. Then, they walked into the space and located their (live) cat sitting with the decoys love it was trying to blend in and freak someone out.
Can you tell which one is real? It’s not hard if you actually look, but initially , it does appear to be three identical cats!

How Dare you allow Me?!!
The story behind this photo is so funny that it made it into People magazine! a few was traveling from England to ny for vacation, but once they need to the airport they were certain an enormous surprise. Security personnel were giving them really weird looks as their luggage went through the scanner.

It seems that their sneaky cat had hidden within the luggage and was getting to attend the large Apple with them. Luckily, a lover came to select up the cat and therefore the couple made their flight in time.


Don’t ask Me Or I’ll Make This Face Again
This photo was taken after a cat meowed at its owner, and therefore the owner meowed back. that’s quite reaction. Whether it had been intentional or not, it appears that this cat is basically good at making the sorts of faces which will completely freak any human out.

It almost seems like it’s close to attack the person with the camera. Let’s hope that didn’t happen, which it stopped making this face right after the image was taken. It’s scary.


A Thanksgiving Tradition
The one that shared this hilarious photo of their thieving kitty wrote, “My cat occasionally visits our neighbors. Today she came back with a touch snack.” Wow, that’s some “snack!” And a robust cat to urge a whole turkey all the way home from nearby .


We can only hope that the day this occurred wasn’t Thanksgiving. If it was, then that was some epic trolling on the cat’s part.

Coming up: see the dessert that a cat totally wrecked!


Ugly Blinds Gotta Go
Some people might check out this domestic scene and see a very rude cat that didn’t care if it ruined the blinds in the least because it wanted a snug seat on the window sill. Those are the “glass-half-empty” people.


Optimists, or people that really love cats, might see this photo differently and say that the cat is clearly doing a very huge prefer to whoever chose those hideous blinds. Time to urge new ones, so might also get some that the cat likes a touch better next time.

If I Fits, I Sits
Everyone who likes cats has heard the expression “if I fits, I sits.” And anyone who hasn’t heard it yet, this is often an ideal illustration for you. Cats like to sit altogether sorts of small spaces like boxes, shoes, sinks… literally wherever they will fit.


As you’ll see, cats don’t give much thought to kitchen sanitation. If the person hadn’t caught them red-handed they could never have known to rinse that pot out before using it. Which has probably happened repeatedly before if they’ve lived with this tricky cat for very long.

No One Shall Pass
We’ve all seen cases where a touch little bit of authority can quickly attend someone’s head. Here’s a cat who thinks she’s the boss of everyone at the airport now that she’s responsible of security.


No way this guard goes to let anyone by on her watch. She doesn’t even care if you’ve got a legitimate ID or are during a rush to urge somewhere. You’re not getting past, so don’t even try.

Good For Anyone On A Diet
Don’t let the menacing look on this tabby’s face offer you the incorrect impression. No, she’s not being aggressive and trying to eat your pizza. She insists that she’s just doing this for your own good. You don’t need any longer pizza, she says. Let her have it and she’ll lookout of the remainder .


We don’t think we’d argue together with her , just head out and obtain a salad somewhere. Thanks for the diet tip, Mean Cat.


Spider Cat Strikes Again
Fans of The Simpsons Movie will love this kitty! “Spider Cat! Spider Cat! Does whatever a spider cat does! Can he swing from a web?” What does a spider cat do, anyway, besides trolling humans with its shape-shifting skills?


With the assistance of a friend’s paws, this clever cat knows the way to fold its body up to seem a bit like a fuzzy, tabby-striped spider. Anyone with arachnophobia would probably not want to volunteer to catsit this one…

Baking 101
Reddit user vieve3 was kind enough to share this photo with the planet . The caption read, “My mom and aunt made some chocolate caramels the opposite night. Apparently my aunt’s cat wanted to feature some artistic flair.”


Of course it did because that’s always what cats want to try to to . Add their special “flair” to everything in view , especially if it belongs to somebody else it’s like this caramel goes to urge eaten anyway. Best to not waste food, right?


Here We Are!
No doors, no problem. Actually, this WAS a wonderfully good door until the cats decided to tear their way through it. In their defense, it had been probably pretty tricky for them to find out the way to pull open a sliding paper door.


They’re just doing what cats like to do most – destroying humans’ things and using them as playground equipment. a minimum of they’re getting into some gymnastics practice on the doorframe.

What Are You Looking At?
These naughty cats don’t have any remorse whatsoever about pushing all of that stuff out of the thanks to rise up on the table. it had been totally worthwhile for the view, they’re thinking. Who cares about those plants anyway?


When they’re done searching the window, they’ll probably claw their high the curtains as their big exit. Don’t bother putting those plants copy on the table, either. you recognize they’re just getting to get knocked once again in an hour.

The (K)IT Team Is Here to assist
We’re unsure that this team of sweet kittens goes to be much help fixing the pc . In fact, it looks like they could be preparing to unplug a number of those fun-looking wires and perhaps even take a toilet break while they’re in there.


But we gotta admit that this is often the cutest team of computer “experts” we’ve ever seen. We’d give them a call next time we’d like help!


Everything Is OK
We wonder if the dog during this photo is quietly telling himself that everything is OK which it’s fine that the cat has completely stolen his bed. He looks absolutely stunned.


Then again, maybe this is often a standard occurrence during this household and therefore the pup is simply waiting impatiently for the cat to awaken and perhaps let him use his bed again. There’s no way that tiny basket are often comfortable.


Caught Red-Pawed
Wow, the people that took this photo were probably pretty surprised to finally learn why all the treats in their candy dish tasted weird. Little did they know that their troll of a cat had turned an ornamental storage basket into a lair that it could use to cover in and wipe its paws everywhere their food.


The hole therein basket is simply the right size for a touch paw to succeed in through, so you actually can’t blame the cat for trying it once or twice!


The World’s Most Ineffective Lint Roller
Anyone who features a pet knows that the struggle to stay your floors, furniture, and clothing fur-free is just about campaign . This woman refuses to offer up the fight. She’s an idea to all or any folks who have already thrown within the towel and accept the very fact that we’re always getting to be covered in pet hair.

The fact that one among her cats is really sitting on her back while she toils to wash up the fur is amazing. the opposite kitty just looks on with amusement.

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