5 Ways to Get Your Dog to Be Happy About Going to the Vet

Does your dog hate the vet’s office? It is common for dogs to have a fear of veterinarians. There is plenty of poking, prodding, and other unpleasant things happening during your dog’s typical vet visit, so it’s no wonder he dislikes it. On the flip side, there are many dogs out there who absolutely love going to the vet. Have you ever wondered why?

1 : Find the Right Veterinarian.

bulldog licking veterinarianLWA/Larry Williams/Blend Images/Getty Images

Do you have an amazing vet? Is your dog’s vet clinic awesome? Choosing the right veterinarian can be a bit overwhelming, but you must take your dog’s opinion into consideration. Do the staff members and veterinarian love interacting with your pet? Are they friendly and cheerful to pets and people? Most of all, do they truly want to get to know your dog and make him comfortable? If not, you might want to look for a new vet. Click “NEXT” below to continue reading

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