5 Ways to Get Your Dog to Be Happy About Going to the Vet

2 : Get Your Dog Used to Being Handled.

girl playing doctor with dogGhislain & Marie David de Lossy / Cultura / Getty Images

Many dogs will not accept handling by a stranger, especially if they were not well-socialized as puppies. It’s even worse if the type of handling is very unfamiliar. You can start doing small things at home to get your dog used to the feeling of a vet exam. First, familiarize yourself with the process of a basic vet examination. Then, conduct your own version of it at home.If your dog becomes used to being touched and handled in unusual ways, he might be more accepting of it from a stranger. He will likely do even better if you carefully and gradually introduce him to the strangers (the vet and staff).Click “NEXT” below to continue reading

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