5 Ways to Get Your Dog to Be Happy About Going to the Vet

5 : Keep Yourself Calm and Relaxed.

woman doing yoga with dog in lapMelissa Ross / Moment Open / Getty Images

Your dog is deeply intuitive about your emotions thanks to the close bond you share. Your own feelings of anxiety, stress, or fear can be easily perceived by your dog. You might notice your dog’s anxiety, stress or fear, then get upset yourself. Your dog senses this and thinks he has a valid reason to be upset.To avoid this, try to remain calm and upbeat during vet visits, regardless of how your dog acts. As hard as this may seem, try to avoid reinforcing your dog’s fear, stress or anxiety. Believe it or not, petting, coddling, or soothing your nervous dog with your voice actually reinforced his emotions.Instead, maintain your composure, acting positive and upbeat. Do your best to ignore the fearful or anxious behavior. If you act like everything is just fine, your dog might get the message.However, some dogs have such intense fear or anxiety at the vet that nothing you do can help. These dogs may even need medications to cope with vet visits. If this sounds like your dog, consider working with a behaviorist or trainer. Ask your vet for advice or a referral. In the meantime, you might try to find a veterinarian who makes house calls

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