Interesting Facts about the Faithful and Fun-loving Samoyed Dog Breed

The Samoyed dog breed is native to Siberia. This pure white dog makes a wonderful pet, watchdog, and companion. Presented to you here are some interesting facts about the Samoyed dog breed.

Did You Know?
► Dogs of the Samoyed breed are a strong working dog breed, which were – in the olden days – used for pulling sledges, herding, and keeping their owners warm.

Did You Also Know?
► Princess de Montyglyon, a Belgian countess, introduced the Samoyed to North America in 1094.

The Samoyed dog breed was bred in Siberia some 3000 years ago, and this breed is one of the 22 ancient dog breeds. This breed gets its name from the nomadic Samoyedic peoples of Siberia, who used to herd reindeer.

The Samoyed was first introduced to England in 1889 by an explorer going by the name of Robert Scott. It became an AKC (American Kennel Club)-recognized breed in 1906. This faithful, fun-loving, social, and strong dog has many qualities that make it an ideal pet. If you are planning on getting a Samoyed, the information given in this DogAppy article will help you make your decision.

Interesting Samoyed Facts

Samoyed dog in garden
Samoyed dog showing tongue


The Samoyed is a very adorable and classy-looking dog. The coat of this majestic-looking dog takes on a pure white, biscuit, and light brown coloring, with a slight silvery tint to it. It is a large-sized dog, with the females ranging from 19 – 21 inches and males ranging from 21 – 23.5 inches in height. This breed is heavy-females weigh approximately 35 – 50 pounds while males weigh around 45 – 65 pounds.

The shape of a Samoyed’s tail is very similar to that of the Alaskan Malamute, which is curled over its back. The ears of a Samoyed naturally stand up and are covered with fur. Its deep-set, almond-shaped eyes are usually brown or black. Very rarely does one come across a Samoyed with blue- or green-colored eyes.


Samoyeds are happy dogs, or so it seems due to their constantly smiling face. This breed has been given the moniker ‘Sammy smile’ because of this feature. These dogs are amazing to be around with because they are full of energy and very loving. But these dogs need training, as they can become obstinate, talkative, and destructive. They are very good with children, making them the perfect family dog. Samoyeds are known for their gentleness and loyalty. They are not ferocious at all, but they still make very good guard dogs. Samoyeds love being around people and other dogs, and if left alone, they become sad. They choose one member of the family, usually the one who feeds it and is more attached to him/her.

Samoyed dogs playing in snow
Samoyed family


The Samoyed is prone to getting a number of health problems. Hip dysplasia, diabetes mellitus, progressive retinal atrophy, pulmonary stenosis, dwarfism, and sebaceous adenitis are the health problems that some Samoyeds may suffer from. The life expectancy of this breed ranges from 10 to 12 years. On very rare occasions, some Samoyeds may have eye abnormalities.


It is evident from the pictures of the Samoyed, that it is a dog which needs grooming. The coat of this breed is dense and double-layered. It sheds a lot, all round the year. Its soft undercoat, consisting of dense and short fur is shed twice a year, during which your furniture, yard, floor, walls, basically everything that the dog sits on or brushes against will have hair shed onto it. The topcoat is long, coarse, and stands out straight. Regular brushing is required to keep the coat tangle-free and clean. A notable feature about the topcoat of this dog is that it protects the undercoat from dander and dirt, due to which those with allergies do not have a reaction to this dog’s fur.

Samoyed dog transport pulk
Puppy of samoyed


The Samoyed is a very friendly and social dog. It gets along well with humans, dogs, and cats. Long walks, swims, games like fetch, hide and seek, etc., are some of the activities that these dogs love doing. They are strong, and therefore, care must be taken when playing with these dogs, because they like to play rough. Special care must be taken when these dogs are close to small children, as this breed has a tendency to exhibit some inherent herding traits.

The Samoyed is a very agile dog, hence they can compete in dog trials for speed, herding, obedience, tracking, and sledding. These dogs are very active and love games that involve chasing, so they should never be taken for a walk without their leash, as they might chase squirrels or rabbits.

If you are planning to include the Samoyed in your family, remember to buy or adopt the puppy from a breeder who has been recommended to you by a trusted source. Try not to buy this breed from the puppy mill, pet shop, or an irresponsible breeder, as a way of ruling out the possibility of getting an inbred or unhealthy puppy home. Once you select your puppy, take him/her to the vet to check if he/she is healthy.

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