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Why Do We Have Different Color Eyes?

Brown, blue, green, honey, all eyes are different; It will also depend on the nationality of each and certainly of genetics, but why do we have eyes of different colors?

According to a study published by the University of Delaware, in the United States, the color of the eyes is determined by the amount of pigment that the iris contains melanin. The more pigment you have, the darker the eye.
As a result, blue, green or gray eyes have the least amount of melanin. Brown eyes or brown eyes are the most common in the world.

Many people consider light eyes a “defect”, but they are not, they just have less melanin.

This substance not only gives color to the eye, but also protects it from the sun’s rays. As a result, people with blue, green, gray or brown eyes are more sensitive to the sun.

It is important that they protect themselves with glasses and that they avoid looking directly at the sun, as this could irritate the eyes or, worse, affect their vision.

It is also important to protect yourself from the UV rays emitted by the computer, as they can often be even more harmful than those from the sun.

Use a frame lens, they are without magnification, the fact is that the rays do not penetrate directly into the eyes.

The eyes acquire a confirmed pigmentation over time; For example, when babies are born, they do not have melanin in their eyes. Thus, when they start to open them, a blue or gray tone is perceived and, over the days, it changes.

It is virtually impossible to change the color of the eyes, although there is a surgical procedure that can do it, but in the long run this can be detrimental to vision.

Now, you know why we have eyes of different colors, it’s not a defect to have clear eyes and it is better to be satisfied with them, to submit to a type of surgery can be deadly .


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